Princeton New Jersey Children's Photographer - Fairy Party!
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May 31, 2014
By Photography By Cari Ellen

OK so I usually don't photograph events, but I just may make an exception for children's birthday parties. THIS WAS SO. MUCH. FUN.  One of my best friends (hi Traci!) created the most incredible fairy party for her daughter Brooke. I mean, she went totally and absolutely CRAZY. The minute I walked in I started freaking out, I am not exaggerating, I was literally jumping up and down and screeching and giggling and bursting with joy at the sight of it all!!!  The little girl inside of me was giddy with excitement and the photographer in me felt like a dream was coming true.

Traci thought of everything! There was fairy face painting, flower crown-making, and fairy flying (on the trampoline). There was a fairy treasure hunt where each girl found and collected in her own fairy bag: a clay toadstool, a fairy gem, a plastic butterfly, a fairy necklace, pink fairy bells, a tiny envelope with tiny paper butterflies in it, a sparkly wooden star, and a real crystal. Once each girl found all of her treasures she earned her "fairy wings", which was the perfect touch to each girl's handmade fairy tutu and fairy wand!  There was a whole table of yummy fairy food like: 

  • Pixie Pillows (marshmallows)
  • Fairy Clouds (popcorn)
  • Crystal Candy (rock candy on sticks)
  • Pixie Dust Sandwiches (PB & J on white bread cut out in flower shapes)
  • Magical Mushrooms (marshmallow with a strawberry on top)
  • Fairy Fruit Wands (watermelon cut into flower shapes on a stick)
  • Pixie Punch (water in a beautiful jug with floating flowers)
  • and let not forget the Toadstool Cupcakes - most of which unfortunately the dog devoured!

The whole backyard was decorated to perfection with paper flowers and real flowers, with tree stumps for seats, branch stumps for name place cards, and with all kinds of fabric streamers and flags waving in the wind. Believe me when I say that no detail was overlooked and that much joy was had by Traci while creating it. What a beautiful atmosphere it was to behold, and what a magical experience for both the little girls and the big girls alike! Thank you again Traci, for sharing your gifts!!! What a fabulous way to honor and celebrate our Brookie. The only problem is, Jadyn wants the same EXACT 7th birthday party.  :)


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Kim Nobile - yes the party' was beautifully prepared by Traci but u captured beyond words the magical event through ur pictures. U are amazing! Truly!