Whimsical Windows
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November 02, 2016
By Photography By Cari Ellen

Whimsical Windows!

Gallery Opening Friday November 4th, 7-9

Small World Coffee on Witherspoon, Princeton NJ

We all love the beauty of the great outdoors...

And we all deeply appreciate the time we get to spend gazing out at a gorgeous view.

It makes us feel so good, and happy to be in the present moment.

That is the intention behind Whimsical Windows™.  :)

We can't always be on vacation, soaking up the gorgeous scenery,

but we CAN bring a little of that magic to our everyday lives, through photography and a little imagination.

All you need to do is take a few moments to just breathe, as you behold that beautiful view out your Whimsical Window...

And soon enough you will be restored to your natural state of ease and wellness.

Consider it a mini-meditation spot, right there on your wall, whenever you need it. :)

Not to mention it also serves as a super cool work of Art!

Choose what image works with the color scheme in your home, or just what makes you feel good.

We've got a blazing yellow, red and orange sunset, a blue and green tropical paradise,

a crisp snow capped mountain with pink flowers in the foreground, and many more special & stunning landscapes. 

Feel free to contact Photography By Cari Ellen for commissions too!

Even if you are not in the market for a Whimsical Window please feel free to drop by our Opening on Friday November 4th 7-9 and just say HI!

We will be having the talented Bruce Fredericks play an acoustic set of relaxing and inspiring music for you all.

Bring a friend, share some tea and uplifting conversation, all the while enjoying the VIEWS. :)

The Magic behind Whimsical Windows:

Photography By Cari Ellen (Cari Ellen Hermann) is the magic behind the camera.

She photographed these landscapes in many different locations with complete love and adoration of our precious home, Mother Earth. All Whimsical Window prints are professionally printed and mounted on archival photographic paper.

Dale Hermann is the magic behind the Whimsical Window vision coming alive.

An avid Naturalist, Dale loves to salvage and up-cycle, saving things from the landfill and turning them into treasures. Uncountable hours were spent gathering, scraping, sanding, glueing, puttying, cleaning, painting, staining, screwing, and just lovingly and painstakingly refurbishing these antiquated window panes.

Cari Ellen and Dale have had a blast co-creating Whimsical Windows together and hope they bring some beauty and stillness into as many lives as possible.

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tara - I wish I could be there...these are stunning photos with beautifully written words... love you both! xo