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Dearest Cari Ellen, Your pictures are stunning. I can't thank you enough for this so very meaningful contribution of your time and your talent to this organization. Our staff look eloquent, compelling, joyful, and ARTISTIC - just what we want to express on our website! 

Hi Cari Ellen, First I want to thank you, your husband and your beautiful girls for such a wonderful experience yesterday!!! Were you ever born to do this! And now these pictures, oh my goodness!

I love, love, love the shot. I really feel that photo caught my personality and spirit. I just wanted to say thank you for my best head shot EVER! You do amazing work. Thanks for capturing "The One".

OMG!!! I LOVE THEM ALLLLLLL! Thank you for sharing your talent with me, they are priceless!

Oh my god, did my husband ever love those photographs!!! Next time I see you, I will have to do my impression of him looking at the proofs. It was priceless!!! He is so excited about them (as am I). Thanks again for all the time you spent with us, and for all your hard work with this project! I KNEW you were the right woman for the job!

I cannot even tell you how much I love the book! I sit and look at it and just remember how wonderful being pregnant was! I can just see me and my daughter looking at it many many times in the coming years. Thanks for making me something I will treasure always.

I am soooooo happy with these photos.  They make me feel gorgeous just thinking about them.  And I adore the gesture we captured, and the sentiment. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

It is a pleasure to be able to draw from so many wonderful images! Thanks ever so much.

Dear Cari Ellen, Thank you so much for taking the time with us, I know how hard it is with 2 little ones..... I love the pictures, and how wonderful and professional you are... you have the magic touch!

I am sooooo happy with the pictures! Everyone that I have shown them to thinks they should be in a magazine!! I can't tell you how wonderful they are!! The large one is absolutely breathtaking! I already gave a few out to family and they are all amazed. Thanks so much for all you have done...

©Photography By Cari Ellen